I met Toby right after two suicide attempts in two weeks I had already tried once before....and had one more to go. Toby's therapy style is by far the best I have experienced. He is my 4th personal therapist and I have had numerous in treatment centers. Have been to treatment 8 plus times. Toby was pleasant, soft spoken and even keel. We discussed my demons-alcoholism, drug addiction, self centeredness, selfish a liar and a thief etc. I was in so much emotional pain I opened up quickly. After being in therapy before I knew the drill. Open up, clean some house, do some good work and feel better. EXCEPT I was always coming back in more pain.

I am a sexual abuse survivor. It took place from the time I was 13 until after 23. It was a secret, the man did business with my father. Because I was attracted to men I welcomed the touch of a man and the sex. Denied the fact and would not accept that I was abused. The person I created to live and survive as got further and further away from my authentic self over the years.

I met Toby at 56. Toby's calm patient and pleasant way put me at ease fairly quickly. When I would see Toby he would sit down opened arm, palms up and breath to relax. It didn't matter to him if I did or not......soon learned to appreciate the practice. Toby listened, clarified and processed what I said. It was not long until I trusted him. Trusted him in a way that brought me peace. I would be on something deep and painful, Toby ask when I wanted to stop or keep on.

Many times he would then happily ask me to tell him about happy most enjoyable times in my life. He taught me identify my physical pain related to an issue and instructed me in different ways to relax it. ie Breathing, spiritual connection etc. I was able to go to a place in my therapy with Toby that I never trusted or accepted before.

I had my last suicide attempt and Toby never ruffled, did not miss a beat remained the same He showed quiet compassion and concern. I never felt shame guilt or judgement. He said he wanted to continue to help me. He led me through some very intense painful sessions then asking to the share happiest times in life. After a while I began to say I want to be authentic. I am lost I want to be authentic. He ask me what authentic meant to me. I said honesty, trust, faithful, connection with God, personality, understanding, drive, a dream, a goal to be alive and be real. The qualities of a good person. He pointed out from times and situations in my life where I had shown these qualities. We continued working together and I reclaimed all of these qualities. Three years ago I wanted to die. And seriously believed in my attempts.

Today I believe in myself. At 60 I have drive, a dream, a goal and a purpose. My appreciation and gratitude for Toby can not be written. Not as strongly as it is felt. Trust, guidance, comfort, compassion and unconditional love is how to describe my experience.


01/22/16 Houston, TX

Toby is a very centered well balanced and focus on helping myself though core issues...I believe our professional relationship has grown in the last year I will continue to be seeing Toby for maybe sometime. Our goal is to break down in core issues and minimize self medication.


1/27/16 Houston, TX

I have been in psychotherapy since the early 90's. I have had good years and periods of time where losses overwhelmed me. Toby has been so good to help me explore areas I have not been able to get processed in the past. I look forward to additional recovery from this kind of therapy.


01/21/16 Houston, TX

Mr Howell is a great listener and draws on a broad background to help resolve issues. I appreciate and greatly benefited from our work together.


1/5/16 Houston, TX

Great practice, very nice environment and Toby Howell is a great therapist. I've been seeing him for over six months and he's helped me through a lot. He is always available and interested and a great listener, but not afraid to refocus or point out things as they come along that could change the way you think or feel or that maybe you can spend some time working on. Very professional, has never been late or missed an appointment, I would 100% recommend Deptherapy and Toby Howell.


1/4/16 Houston, TX

I would and have recommended my therapist to friends. I have been working with Toby Howell for nearly a year now, and am completely satisfied with the progress we have made in reaching my goals. My objective was to have balance in my life and limit the negative impact of bipolar mood swings without reliance upon medication. Toby helps both as guide and monitor, The approach we have chosen is working well for me, and I am grateful. I was looking for teamwork with something I could not achieve alone, and a safety net of sounder judgment when it's required. I have found a caring professional relationship that provides both.


1/1/16 Houston, TX

This person has been my therapist for about 2 years now. He helps me in so many great ways. I have no problems with him, and he is helping me once a week now. Thanks Toby for all that you are doing for me!!!!


12/31/15 Houston, TX

Toby was not what I had expected. I thought he would challenge me at every turn, Instead, he allowed me to explore each event which led me to him. He was more of a guide. Keeping on track, yet freedom to take another road. This aided me in separating events in my life and finding a common denominator which tied things together. It was like pruning a hedge which had grown wild and out of control. Now, I rely on his breathing exercised to calm me. I'm able to focus on parts of my body which alienates me. Especially my heart rate. I would give Toby five stars but I want to see how I fare without him in the current crises I'm in. I allow my self to feel hurt. Cry. Then analyze what I need to do to go forth. Toby, I don't think is for everyone. Yet, I thought the same for myself which turned out perfect. So yes, I would recommend him.


12/29/15 Houston, TX

I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with somatic disorder and PTSD from a month of sever trauma in my life. I found Toby in a search for therapists who work with somatic issues and severe trauma. I felt that I was in excellent hands while I saw him. He is very competent and extremely compassionate. He was also able to contour psychological technique to my specific ability to respond to it, making our time tailored to what worked for me without sacrificing textbook tools.


12/14/15 Houston, TX

"Mr. Howell is without a doubt a great therapist. He's been extremely helpful in helping me understand and overcome my anxiety. We worked on modifying certain habits and facing my fears and anxiety one small step at a time. My sessions with Mr. Howell have been more helpful than meds alone and I would highly recommend him to others."


2/6/16 Houston, TX