Meet Toby Howell, LCSW & Psychotherapist

Helping the Houston community live better lives for 12+ years

Toby Howell, LCSW and psychotherapist, has been committed to helping residents of Houston, TX and the surrounding areas overcome personal issues and traumatic experiences for more than 12 years through therapy. It all comes down to practicing the skills to establish balance and stability and empowering yourself to live a fulfilling, vibrant life.

With personal experience in overcoming life’s difficulties, Toby can provide valuable insight and tips that have worked for him and his other clients. He has developed his own unique approach to fostering personal growth, awareness and development that, with practice, can help you get through life’s difficult moments, whether it be surviving a tragic loss or overcoming anxiety and depression. Deptherapy can help with the following:

If you’re ready to tackle your personal issues head on, get in touch with Toby Howell at Deptherapy in Houston, TX today and schedule an appointment.

Services Provided

Therapeutic Services Provided for:



Anxiety & depression
Loss, grief & bereavement
Relationship problems
Somatic symptoms
Trauma & crises

Also Providing:

Life coaching services
Sex addiction therapy
OCD therapy
PTSD counseling
Anger therapy

Address: 3131 Eastside St. # 435 Houston, TX 77098
Phone: 832.380.9941