Transform Your Life with Deptherapy

Transform Your Life with Deptherapy

Develop Your Ability and Strength to be Your Genuine Authentic Self with our Therapy Services in Houston, TX

When you’re having trouble believing in yourself, managing anger, fighting depression or anxiety, dealing with relationship problems or coping with a traumatic loss, it’s okay to be unable to handle the emotional turmoil alone. The resolution can be as simple or as difficult as raising your awareness of what you need and want, and then regulating your emotions and anxiety.

When you’re in need of guidance and direction to overcome obstacles like those, call Deptherapy in Houston, Texas. Our licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist has years of experience assisting his clients in achieving happiness and living in the present.

A unique, effective approach to therapy

Toby Howell, LCSW and psychotherapist, has crafted a unique approach to tackling an array of psychological problems and personal issues. He blends and applies the following approaches, ranging from philosophical to scientific:

• Existential-Humanistic Theory: Empower yourself and develop your potential to live a meaningful, exciting life.
• Somatic Experiencing: Restore the connection between body, brain and mind. Learn how to support a natural internal flow.
• Interpersonal Neuropsychology: being a part of a 'we'. It is bringing understanding to that which goes on in the nervous system individually and within interpersonal relationships.

If Therapy Hasn’t Worked for You in the Past, Don’t Give Up.

To learn about the benefits of Deptherapy, contact our office in Houston, Texas today to schedule an appointment.