Blog: Toby Howell

Blog: Toby Howell

Suppressing the Past

I was told it again yesterday, “People just need to get over their past”. Yea. Right. Except, it just does not work that way. That which is suppressed doesn’t go. It grows.

Come to Deptherapy.

Here instead of trying to avoid and not to think of disruptive past experiences, you will experience resolving traumatic activation that accompany them, and find new meaning within them and practices to transcend them.

Americans Are Over Medicated

I apologize for missing the last post. I blame it on being on vacation. It is my intention to set up systems so that I do not miss a post again. My name is Toby D. Howell. I am the Head Therapist with Deptherapy; where we Empower Choice by Raising Awareness. For Unregulated Anxiety and Depressive Mood States, we Americans are over medicated! Instead popping pills to suppress symptoms, come to Deptherapy. We can resolve the underlying conditions. Do You Know Anyone Who Is Over Medicated? Contact me, I Can Help.

You Do The Best You Can In Every Situation

Do you blame yourself for being weak, not being good enough, or being selfish? Do you think that you could have done things differently; that is to say, if you just would have work harder, made different choices, or had a different frame of mind; you would have the experience of life that you should?

I am Here. I say that you couldn’t have done anything differently. I am here to say you did the best you could do in every situation.

Think about it there are so many things affecting us all of the time. Those things influence every action, behavior, and choice in every moment In multitude of ways. So
So consider it, you did the best you could have done. What now?

You could come to Deptherapy, distinguish those things that are influencing and limiting your experience of life now. Here you come to realize the difference self-understanding, which includes the ways different patterns and responses direct you in life, can make in your life. Choices become available that were not apparent before.


This is my first post of the Deptherapy biweekly blog.

Starting in the Here and Now

Everything, I mean everything, that happened in the past happened the way it had to happen. It could not have happened any other way.

Wish as you may. Wish as you might.

The past happened the way it had to. We know this to be true because it happened the way it did.

Accept it and the question becomes what now. What do you want? What lights you up? What action is calling to you to be taken now?

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