An Innovative Approach to Mental Health

integrating 3 theories to support & empower you

With years of experience helping the communities in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas improve their lives through professional therapy and counseling, Toby Howell, LCSW and psychotherapist, has developed a powerful integration of methods that foster mental health and balance. His blended approach takes elements from the following theories, methods and ideas:

Existential-Humanistic: This theory focuses on empowering you to find and develop your unique potential to live a meaningful life. You are supported in understanding your life in a more complete and conscious way and becoming aware of having more choices.

Somatic Experiencing: This theory focuses on reestablishing the natural connection between body, brain and mind. You are guided as you work through emotionally troubling memories and events without being overwhelmed by them. By going slowly, you are able to feel more and let more go with as little suffering as possible. The process is gentle and effective.

Neuro-Psychological: This therapy is about integration. You learn to support a natural internal flow. It is a combination of the neurological functioning on the brain including the nervous system and somatic mindfulness practices. You will increase security and confidence by working through triggers and finding new, happy memories. You will also learn to understand mental disorders in different, empowering ways and be taught to recognize emotional and medical symptoms.

Applying this combination of methods will help you develop the ability to open up to your inner experiences and strengths and to be true to yourself and what is important in your life. If you’re ready to open up and try Toby Howell’s innovation method, contact him at Deptherapy in Houston, TX today.

Services Provided

Therapeutic Services Provided for:



Anxiety & depression
Gender and Sexual Orientation Issues
Loss, grief & bereavement
Relationship problems
Somatic symptoms
Trauma & crises

Also Providing:

Life coaching services
OCD therapy
PTSD counseling
Anger therapy

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