What Is Attachment?

What Is Attachment?

Deptherapy offers attachment-based therapy services in Houston, Texas

Attachment is a primal need. Infants seek security from their caregivers—and later in life, the attachment influences the infant’s personality and the bonds they form with others. Toby Howell treats adults and teens but by studying Attachment therapy, it helps him understand the client and get to the root to the issue.

Emotional and physical attachment is important for personal development and navigation in the outside world.

What are the main types of attachment?

Based on the responsiveness of the caregiver and the depth of the attachment, psychologists can agree on a few main types of attachment in the attachment theory:

1. Secure attachment: characterized by self-confidence, personal security and trust in oneself.
2. Unsecure attachment: represented in two ways.
Avoidance: where the subject pushes people away and finds themselves unworthy personally and interpersonally.
Ambivalence: where the subject has “hot and cold” parents who are nurturing, but not consistent.
3. Disorganized attachment: characterized by a lack of self-characterization. Often victims of emotional or physical abuse.

Deptherapy wants to help individuals reach a sense of attachment on their own terms. We provide attachment-based psychotherapy in Houston, Texas. Through effective communication and emotional understanding, patients can suppress negative emotions caused by attachment issues, including rage, jealousy and resentment.
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